Dreamz Tourism is about respecting, protecting and benefiting local communities, cultures and the environment. For travelers, this can mean making holiday choices with these concerns in mind, from the destinations they visit and the way they travel, to the services they choose once they arrive. For the tourism industry, it is about meeting the expectations of travelers, and protecting what is unique and special about a destination like New Zealand. It can also be about the bottom line, with many operators recognizing that responsible tourism practices boost profits by cutting consumption and offering a marketing edge over the competition.

DREAMZ Accommodation Services

Living on campus is a great option, particularly if you are new to DREAMZ or from out of town. DREAMZ student accommodation is convenient, modern and supportive - just minutes from the Campus.

  • Great option if you are in your first year or from out of town
  • Convenience: save on transport, sleep in later and avoid sitting in traffic
  • Busy social life: make life-long friends, take part in events, join a study group and settle into university life
  • Higher academic success rates for students in DREAMZ accommodation because they’re part of a supportive community connected to support services and advice
  • Includes all furniture, power, water and internet – just bring your personal belongings
  • Great campus resources nearby, including library, computer labs, student advisors, health centre and recreational facilities

Arrange your airport Pickup

We recommend that you book your airport transfer with Premier Transfers. You will be met at the airport by a friendly and professional driver who will safely transport you from the airport to your accommodation.

  • Airport Pickup
  • Airport Drop
  • City Explore
  • Tour Arrangement

Dreamz Rent a Car

Dreamz car provide all kind of cars models

  • Mercedes
  • BMW
  • Toyota
  • Nissan
  • Skoda